Special Programs

Karate Adapted For Autism (KAFA)

The KAFA program is structured specifically for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Each participant is evaluated by CSMA's Clinical Specialist in Autism and a custom program is developed for each student designed to meet their unique needs and goals. Caregivers are active participants in the development of the program and are kept fully apprised of their student's progress towards goals. All classes are supervised and/or taught by CSMA's Occupational Therapist and Clinical Specialist in Autism. Classes are ongoing and class size is limited to insure appropriate individualized instruction.


A student of Grandmaster Chang  since  1998, Juliet holds Masters Degrees from Thomas Jefferson University in Occupational Therapy and St. Joseph's University in Health Education.  She earned the designation of Clinical Specialist in Autism in 2006.  After over a decade of clinical experience at Devereux CARES, MCIU, Pediatric Therapeutic Services and in her own private practice, Juliet founded KAFA out of her deep commitment to children of all abilities and belief in  the power of martial arts to facilitate growth and development in its practitioners.