A message to our CSMA community

Greetings to our community.

I hope that this is finding our students, instructors and friends in good health.  I know we are all challenged by the restrictions that are upon us. It has limited our options for many kinds of activities and social interaction.  However, I believe it also provides opportunities for finding new ways to do things.

With this in mind, we are working to organize some regular online classes to keep the connection within the Chang's community and provide our students a way to continue their training.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

I believe our martial arts tenets have value in these times as well.  When times are difficult and stressful, our tenets of courtesy, humility, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit are essential.  The strength of our character is tested by the circumstances and how we apply these tenets in our life shows that character.

It is worth repeating an important aspect of our organization - all of our lead instructors are volunteers.  Many of us had been teaching classes for years even before we restarted the school as a Not-For-Profit organization.  The ethic we learned from Grand Master Chang was that we share the knowledge we were given to others so our art will continue.  Another is that we learn by teaching. Some of our instructors have been doing this starting as far back as the 70’s and 80s. Already, I see this ethic in our new instructors as well.

This also means that we are entirely dependent on the goodwill of a core of extremely dedicated people who have contributed to organization for a majority of their lives, only asking for the ability to be a part of our community in return.  For that I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude.

My best wishes to all,

Charlie Wright